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Teenager Hit by Taxi Wins Substantial Accident Compensation

A teenager hit by a taxi when she was just 8 years old has won substantial compensation through a child accident claim.

Jennifer Blyth was knocked down while walking through her home town of Kirkcaldy by local taxi firm Apple Cabs back in the summer of 2000. She suffered a fractured skull and brain damage. Her injuries were so severe that they are likely to affect her for the rest of her life. She has suffered from memory and emotional problems as well as cognitive difficulties, and believes that her injuries severely hampered her ability to earn a living throughout her life.

Jennifer is now 18 and has an eight month old son of her own. She recalls wanting to be a nurse before the accident but that the incident affected her school work greatly, leaving her with less qualifications than she desired. She still requires rehabilitative support that is paid for to help her live a ‘normal’ a life as possible.

Her legal team were intent on getting Jennifer £1.5 million compensation for her child head injury claim. The actual figure received is thought to be a little less than this amount, but substantial enough to reflect the seriousness of her injuries. The compensation was claimed from the insurers of the driver’s former employers, Apple Cabs.

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