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Teenager Wins Compensation for Brain Injury Suffered as a Baby

A South Yorkshire teenager has been awarded compensation believed to be in seven figures, after suffering medical negligence as a baby which left her severely handicapped.

The Star newspaper is reporting that Rebecca Paige Hayes, of Lowedges, in Sheffield, suffered renal failure when she was just a baby and required a kidney transplant, unfortunately this led to hypertension which caused a burst blood vessel in her brain.

By the time she had reached four years old she had suffered catastrophic brain damage, which left her requiring twenty four hour, round the clock care.

With the help of her parents Rebecca who is now sixteen, launched a compensation claim against the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, claiming that the hospital where she was treated had been negligent when dealing with her hypertension.

The NHS Trust has now awarded Rebecca an undisclosed but substantial amount in compensation, believed to be in seven figures, in an out of court settlement, however they did not admit negligence for the incident.

By settling out of court Ms Hayes and her family received only seventy one percent of the damages she could potentially have been awarded in court; however the settlement means that the element of risk involved in a court hearing, was removed for both parties.

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