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Teenager wins payout for birth injury with help from Compensation claim solicitors

A teenager who suffered a devastating injury at birth has won a substantial payout for the negligence of a Bristol GP with the help of compensation claim solicitors.

Marcus Glassenbury is now 18 years old, but problems during his birth caused him severe learning difficulties. He was born at Southmead Hospital in 1992 after his mother suffered a placental abruption. This is when the placenta separates form the womb and ruptures. Surgeons carried out a caesarean to deliver Marcus but unfortunately the rupture caused two brain haemorrhages shortly after his birth. Marcus suffered cerebral palsy as a result, suffering from severe developmental problems. His condition means that he requires constant care, as he is unable to walk unaided and has limited communication capabilities.

Marcus with the help of his grandmother made a claim against the GP who treated his mother during the pregnancy. He alleged that Dr Fiona Short was negligent in not referring his mother to the hospital quicker. She diagnosed a urinary infection when his mother complained of stomach pains but she was rushed in for surgery that night.

A compromise settlement was reached without Dr Short admitting liability. The substantial payout will compensate for Marcus’ pain and suffering, as well as provide for his extensive care. The exact figure settled upon was not disclosed.

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