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Teenager Wins Serious Personal Injury Claim after Childhood Illness

A teenage girl who suffered devastating injuries when a childhood illness was misdiagnosed has won a substantial claim for serious personal injury.

Rebecca Gransbury was just short of two years old when the devastating injuries occurred. It started when she developed the common childhood infection chickenpox. Her mother took her to see Dr Peter Rose on June 26th 1996, who after inspecting her did not admit Rebecca to hospital. On the same day, and after seeing Dr Rose, Rebecca suffered a convulsive fit. The fit unfortunately left Rebecca with brain damage.

After the fit she was rushed to Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham for emergency treatment. However, staff at the Centre failed to diagnose her condition correctly, and therefore failed to treat it correctly. Rebecca developed septicaemia (an inflammatory state caused by an infection of the blood) which has left her with spinal cord damage.

Rebecca made a claim for compensation for her injuries from Dr Rose and Queen’s Medical Centre, claiming they were both negligent in her care. They both accepted part responsibility and a settlement was confirmed this week at London’s High Court.

Although the exact figure of compensation has not been released, it is expected to be a substantial amount due to the severity of Ms Gransbury’s injuries. It will also include annual payments to cover the costs of Rebecca’s extensive care needs.

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