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Tenant Injured by Ceiling Collapse Seeks Compensation from Council

A Batley man, who was injured when his bathroom ceiling collapsed, is seeking compensation from Kirklees Council.

The Batley and Birstall News is reporting that Chris Gawtry, of Chinewood Avenue, in Batley, was taking a soak in his bath, when he was suddenly struck on the head by a three foot piece of falling plaster.

Mr. Gawtry told the newspaper that he could have ‘drowned in the bath’, after being struck by the falling debris, which was quickly followed by a cascade of water.

He is now seeking compensation from the council, for the damage caused to his flat and the injuries he received in the incident.

Kirklees Council have explained to Mr. Gawtry that his bathroom ceiling collapsed as a result of a water leak in the flat directly above his, but claim that the council responded quickly and repaired the leak on the same day that it was reported.

An insurance officer representing the council denied liability for the incident and stated that the council would not be paying compensation to the unfortunate tenant.

A spokesperson for Kirklees Council told the newspaper, that details of individual compensation claims could not be discussed.

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