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Tenant to Claim Compensation from Landlord after Steps Fall

A woman, who broke her back, after falling down outdoor steps as she moved into her new home, is seeking a six figure sum in compensation.

Forty four year old Gillian Drysdale was carrying items up to her new house in Harwich, Essex, during a heavy downpour of rain, when she slipped as she walked backwards up the steps carrying a box.

Ms Drysdale, who now has to walk with the aid of a stick, after breaking her back in the fall, has launched a claim for personal injury compensation against her landlord, who she claims was responsible for the accident.

Her legal team are arguing that the steps, which led up to the Victorian property had been painted, which made them slippery in the wet conditions and no safety rail was present, despite there being an eight foot drop on one side.

Lawyers representing the landlord are contesting liability for the incident, stating that Ms Drysdale by walking up the steps backwards was obviously not looking where she was going.

A ruling on the case, which is being heard at the High Court in London, is expected at a later date.

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