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Tesco Pay Accident Compensation Claim for Faulty Door

Tesco has agreed to pay an accident compensation claim to the family of an elderly woman who was injured when a door shut on her leg.

84 year old Margaret Buxton received cuts on her leg so bad that she needed a skin graft operation after the incident. The injuries occurred when the automatic doors of the supermarket shut rapidly and without warning onto her leg, and she also suffered a large blood clot because of the incident. The accident happened in May 2008, and Mrs Buxton was admitted to hospital in November of that year after collapsing at home. She sadly passed away shortly after. Her daughter Susan Wilson reported that after the accident Mrs Buxton never fully recovered and her health deteriorated rapidly. She said of the accident, that “the trauma that she [her mother] went through shook her greatly.”

Tesco admitted liability for the accident and made an out of court accident compensation settlement with Ms Wilson and her family. In a statement, Tesco expressed its sorrow and regret at the accident saying: “The safety of our staff and customers is always our priority. This was a terrible accident that we investigated fully at the time and this is now settled with the family.”

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