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Textile Worker Injured as Hand is Pulled into Machine

A textile worker suffered injury when his hand was pulled in between a machine’s rollers.

The 56 year old worker’s name has not been reported, but he was working for Abaris Holdings Ltd when the accident happened in February 2010. The textile worker was working on one of the machines at the factory at the time.

The incident occurred whilst he was trying to remove a small piece of material that was stuck on the rollers of the machine. He was using a plastic tool for this task and the rollers were still spinning as the machine was turned on.

However, as the man turned away, his hand accidentally came into contact with the rollers and was subsequently pulled between them. He managed to stop the machine by pushing the emergency stop button, but his arm could only be freed by taking the machine apart.

The unnamed man suffered a hand injury in the incident, breaking bones in his hand and thumb.

A prosecution has been made against Abaris Holdings Ltd after it was found by the HSE that the machine did not have safety guards fitted that would have prevented access to the rollers whilst the machine was still in operation. Last week the firm pleaded guilty to breaking work equipment regulations. A fine of £10,000 was the resulting punishment.

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