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The Family of a Man who Died During Operation on his Little Finger Consider Surgical Error Compensation Claim

xThe family of a man who tragically died during a botched operation are considering making a surgical error compensation claim.

Gordon Ewing had gone into Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary for a routine procedure on his little finger. The forty four year old had broken the finger six weeks before while playing with his two year old son. However, the procedure went badly wrong when anaesthetists pumped too much oxygen into his chest puncturing his lungs. An inquiry last week concluded that Mr Ewing’s life could have been saved if medical staff had simply terminated the procedure and woken Gordon up.

The inquiry also deduced that due to Mr Ewing’s weight – around 19 stones – anaesthetists were using more specialist equipment which was less well known to them. Medical staff had inserted a catheter into Mr Ewing’s airway which had slipped out of position puncturing his lung. He was then pumped with oxygen directly into his tissues causing his face and eyes to bulge. He suffered a heart attack and sadly passed away.

The inquiry reported that the incident had had a traumatic effect on the medical team and that anaesthetists had learnt valuable lessons from the tragedy. The family of Mr Ewing had previously indicated their desire to make a surgical error compensation claim against the Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.

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