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Thirty People Injured in Belfast as Bus Hits Kerb and Overturns

A pregnant woman and two small children were among the injured when a double-decker bus hit a kerb edge and overturned as it made its way into Belfast city centre.

The BBC News is reporting that the bus had thirty five passengers on board when it mounted the pavement, close to the city’s Central Station and tipped over.

Thirty passengers received urgent treatment at the scene of the accident and at hospitals throughout the city; the badly injured driver had to be freed from the wreckage by the emergency services.

It is understood that twenty six of the passengers injured have submitted a bus accident compensation claim against bus operator Translink, for injuries sustained in the accident.

A spokesperson from Translink confirmed that an independent investigation into the incident, carried out by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) had revealed that the bus was free of any mechanical defects which could have contributed to the accident.

The company are now waiting to hear the results of a police investigation into the incident, which should be completed in the very near future.

Victims of road traffic accidents can make a claim for accident compensation up to three years after the initial incident.

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