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Thousands Paid in Compensation to Police Officers from Lancashire Injured at Work

Police officers from Lancashire, who have been injured at work, have been paid thousands of pounds in compensation it is being reported.

The Lancashire Evening Post received data from the Lancashire Police Force which showed that 4,000 officers were injured whilst on duty during the last five years. Two of these officers were so badly injured that their injuries were considered life threatening.

Some of the example cases that are being reported are as follows. An officer was awarded personal injury compensation of £1,500 after they were injured when the seat fell of the bike that they were riding.

Another bike related incident saw £4,620 given to an officer who was trying to get into a premises with another officer. The other officer injured his colleague when he accidentally threw a bike at him.

The number of officers injured last year was higher than the previous year, although the number of injured had been declining prior to this rise.

A spokesperson for the Lancashire Police Force told the paper that all injuries were investigated in line with Government health and safety legislation.

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