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Toolmaker Awarded £450k Compensation after Losing Fingers in Work Accident

A toolmaker has reportedly been awarded £450,000 in compensation after losing fingers in a horrific work accident.

David Taylor suffered the injury whilst at work for Renold Chain in Bredbury, Greater Manchester. The engineering firm manufactures chains and gears.

The incident happened when Mr Taylor tried lifting a heavy tool off a bench using a crane and sling. However, during this process, the tool slipped from its strapping, causing it to rush at Mr Taylor at speed. He somehow managed to stop the tool from hitting him by deflecting it with his hand. However this resulted in his hand being crushed against the crane hook.

Mr Taylor was rushed to hospital after the accident, where he underwent an 18 hour long operation. Unfortunately he lost parts of all fingers on his left hand in the incident. He lost half of his thumb, middle and ring fingers, the whole of his little finger, and the tip of his index finger.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Mr Taylor made a successful claim against the company, and will now receive compensation for his injuries. The firm admitted liability for the accident and insurers agreed to settle the case for £450,000.

Mr Taylor tells the paper that had he not deflected the tool with his hand he would not be alive, as it would have “cut him in half”. He is now reportedly set to undergo an operation in which part of one of his toes will be grafted onto his thumb. If the operation is a success he will return to work for Renold Chain.

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