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Traffic Lights for Cyclists Considered in Plan to Improve Safety

Traffic lights just for the use of cyclists at junctions are being considered under plans to improve safety on UK roads.

The Telegraph reports that the new lights system is set to be tested by Transport for London to see if it can help reduce the number of cyclists who are seriously injured or killed in road accidents. Politicians said last week that the cycle traffic lights are being reviewed and considered as part of the current review of traffic sign regulations.

A set of cyclist traffic lights has been introduced to one of the junctions in London that is a black spot for cycle accidents. However, current legislation prevents the lights being placed at cycle height, leading to some concern that they could be confusing for motorists.

The lights are designed to give cyclists a head start at busy and dangerous junctions. The effectiveness of introducing new lights has been questioned in some quarters though, with people pointing out that advanced stop lines already give cyclists a head start at many junctions.

19,215 cyclists were reported killed or injured in road accidents during 2011, a 12% rise on the previous years’ figures. How many of these injuries result in cycle accident claims is not clear. However, the introduction of the lights in other parts of the world – such as California- has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of accidents at problem junctions.

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