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Traffic Warden Claims £140k Compensation for Injury after Slipping on Ice

A traffic warden from Stoke-on-Trent has claimed £140k compensation for injury after slipping on black ice on one of the car parks he was attending.

The unnamed 59 year old was at a pay and display machine in one of the many car parks in Stoke-on-Trent when he slipped on black ice. He tore the muscle in his groin during the incident that happened back in the winter of 2004. The injury left him with mobility problems, unable to walk further than very short distances. It has also made it difficult for him to bend or lift without suffering pain. The man has been unable to work since the accident occurred.

He successfully won his compensation claim by arguing that the council had been negligent in failing to grit the car park correctly. The gritting of car parks has been greatly improved in the last five years in an attempt to make them safe for staff and the general public in icy conditions. The man received £140,000 from the council as compensation for injury. He was happy with his payout describing it as; “a great financial relief, as before the accident I had hoped to work up until retirement age.”

The council in question has now paid out over a million pounds in compensation during the period, April 2006 – March 2009.

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