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Tragic Road Accident ends with Family being Awarded Fatal Accident Compensation

The family of a man who was tragically killed in a catastrophic road accident has received a substantial amount of fatal accident compensation.

David Charles Ian Barnes was driving down the M3 in November 2005 when the accident happened. He collided with a concrete pumping lorry owned by Ramcrete Pumping Services Limited. The lorry was stationary at the time and allegedly a wheel had come off at the rear.

His widow Kirsten, and two young children, launched a compensation claim against Ramcrete Pumping Services, who they held responsible for the accident.

The company settled the claim out of court, and the High Court in London approved the settlement. His family will receive £325,000 in compensation for the loss of their loved one. Part of the money which was awarded to his children, will be invested by the court on their behalf, and become available to them once they reach eighteen.

The Judge who presided over the settlement – Mr Justice Mackay – announced with his approval of the compensation, his sympathy for the family of Mr Barnes. He also stated that although no sum of money can make up for such a loss, he hoped the money would go a long way in providing a life and future for them all.

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