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Troubled NHS Trust Pays £15m Compensation

A troubled NHS Trust has been revealed to have paid more than £15million in compensation to patients since 2005.

The figures obtained by the Westmorland Gazette relate to The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust which runs the Furness General, Royal Lancaster and Westmorland General Hospitals.

The £15.4million was paid out to victims of clinical negligence in one of the Trust’s facilities since 2005. £4.8million of this total was made up of claims relating to the last year alone.

The newly appointed Chief Executive of the Trust said that unacceptable mistakes had happened, leading to justifiable compensation claims. However, he stressed that claims can take time to settle and significant work had been done to improve the quality of care given to patients within the Trust.

Last October, the Care Quality Commission reported that it had found significant shortcomings within the Trust. This led to the appointment of a new management board, with the aims of improving standards. The Care Quality Commission has recently performed another inspection of the Trust, with the results due to be announced soon.

All NHS Trusts pay an insurance premium to the NHS Litigation Authority which settles clinical negligence claims. The cost of the premium is dependent on an assessment of the risks to patients treated by a Trust.

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