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Two Bricklayers Injured Falling from Scaffolding

Two self-employed bricklayers suffered multiple injuries when they fell from scaffolding at a site in Normanton.

In December 2011, bricklayers Darren Bird and James Allies were contracted to work on the construction of houses by Cairns Heritage Homes No2 Limited. The two men were tasked with finishing brick work and fitting a wall plate near the top of the house, when the accident happened.

They had opened the loading bay of the scaffold so that a telehandler could lift mortar onto it. They then felt the scaffolding shake, causing them to fall into each other and subsequently fall into the first floor of the house.

They both suffered multiple injuries, including severe bruising, hip damage, nerve damage to the neck and back and face lacerations. Mr Bird has since been able to return to work after undergoing physiotherapy. Mr Allies has not yet been able to return to work.

The Health and Safety Executive found that the company routinely used nets to protect workers from falls when installing roof trusses, but that the internal fall risk area was not protected up until that stage.

The company was fined £6,500 after they admitted at a Magistrates’ Court last week to breaking work at height regulations in regards to the accident. A HSE inspector stated that the two men were injured due to a lack of forethought from the company.

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