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Two killed and more injured in Cornwall bus accident

Two women were killed and five seriously injured in a bus accident on the icy roads near Penzance in Cornwall.

47 others suffered minor injuries after the coach lost control on heavy sheet ice and ended up crashing onto its side. The coach was carrying passengers on their way back from a Christmas lights switch on celebration.

The bus driver has since been praised for the way he handled the situation, and witnesses say he did well to avoid an even bigger collision. Jane Moore, who was one of the first on the scene to help the injured passengers said: “There was no chance he could do anything but crash. There was not way he could have done anything to avoid it. It was sheet ice all the way down. It was like a mirror.”

Cornwall County Council has faced heavy criticism from locals after it was revealed that one fifth of the counties roads had been gritted to prevent ice forming on the roads following days and days of cold weather. However they have defended the decision by saying that the crash site was only a ‘minor, unclassified road’ and therefore was not a priority for gritting.

A police car that arrived on the scene also lost control and skidded into the coach but no one was hurt in this incident.

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