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Two Workers Injured after being Crushed by Granite Slab

Two workers were injured in an accident in which they were crushed by a granite slab.

The incident happened to the two men who were undertaking work for Modular Granite Ltd during April last year. Chris Thurston and Gary Avery were part of a team of four workers who were moving granite slabs.

The granite slabs were stacked on an A-frame. The accident happened whilst the two men were taking the weight of approximately four slabs so that the other workers could remove a slab that they needed.

However, the slabs fell down on top of them, causing multiple injuries. Mr Thurston broke his leg and suffered a cut to the neck in the incident. His injuries resulted in him having to undergo several surgical procedures. Mr Avery suffered compact nerve syndrome in his foot.

It was discovered after the accident that the company had not given the workers adequate training on how to remove slabs safely and avoid them toppling over. Magistrates in Bournemouth this week fined the company £3,000 for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act in this regard.

A spokesperson for the HSE stated that the company did not put in place a safe system of work that would have helped the workers.

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