Undiagnosed Fracture Compensation Claims

It is usually the responsibility of a hospital’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) department to diagnose a patient’s fractures. However, one of the most frequent complaints against hospitals is that they have failed to do just that. If you have suffered a fracture, which a hospital has failed to diagnose you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Usually if there is a chance of a fracture an A&E department will do tests and sometimes take x-rays to show whether a fracture has occurred. Sometimes a fracture will not be seen by the doctor and the patient will be sent home diagnosed with a sprain injury and given pain killers.

At other times a patient may not even be x-rayed as their description of the accident and the symptoms they are suffering from do not automatically suggest this is what has been caused. A medical professional has the responsibility of diagnosing you with the correct problem. If they have failed to do so, it is possible you could claim compensation for being a victim of medical negligence.


Effects of Undiagnosed Fractures

Failing to diagnose a fracture can lead to severe, unnecessary pain and can cause incorrect healing to the affected area. This may result in long-term damage to the part of the body where the fracture has occurred.

In more serious case a serious fracture left undiagnosed can result in permanent disability. This is usually because the bones re-grow in the wrong way and cause difficulties for mobility. Other times the patient may need to undergo a more serious operation, which can cause further pain and suffering, as well as anxiety and stress beforehand.


Making a Undiagnosed Fracture Claim for Compensation

If you are suffering from a personal injury after an undiagnosed fracture we at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors may be able to help you make a compensation claim. Undiagnosed fractures claims are extremely complex, as there are a variety of reasons why a hospital may not have picked up the fact that a fracture had occurred. Therefore, obtaining the services of a top medical negligence claims lawyer is the best way of maximising your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.


What could your claim be worth?