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Unsafe Roadworks Blamed as a London Man Sues for Millions in Cycle Accident Compensation

A man from London who suffered devastating injuries in an incident he blames on unsafe roadworks is suing three companies for cycle accident compensation.

Alexandra Kotula, a Police Constable was cycling home in St Albans when the accident happened. He was hit by a lorry as he was passing roadworks back in 2006. He suffered post traumatic amnesia and requires the use of a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The case has been the subject of a battle in London’s High Court as liability for the accident is debated. Mr Kotula claims the corridor left for pedestrians by the roadworks was not wide enough and was filled with obstacles. He is suing three firms in pursuit of compensation, EDF Energy, Morrison Utility Services and Birch Utilities.

They all deny liability, claiming that they are not responsible as Mr Kotula was unlawfully riding on the pavement at the time of the accident rather than pushing his bike. They say that his poor cycling is in fact responsible. Mr Kotula’s QC claimed that lawfulness was not an issue, as it is reasonable to expect cyclists to use pavements when there are such clear dangers on the road.

The judgement in the case is expected to be given at any moment. If the Court rules in Mr Kotula’s favour he can expect a substantial amount of compensation due to the severity of his injuries.

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