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Victim of BBC Presenter attack to claim compensation damages

The victim of a vicious criminal assault attack by BBC presenter Ashley Blake is looking to claim damages for his permanent facial injury.

Greg Jones, 18, hopes the compensation will help pay for plastic surgery to reduce the scarring on his face following the deliberate attack. His injuries meant he had to have 10 stitches from his lip to his chin.

Jones is looking to claim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), the government organisation that awards compensation to victims of malicious criminal assault.

Although it’s still unclear how much compensation he could receive, CICA guidelines say it could be anywhere between £1,500 and £11,000.

The teenager is also looking to make a civil claim for damages against the ex-Watchdog and Midlands Today presenter, who was sacked by the BBC following an internal enquiry after the incident.

Jones has said that the psychological affects he suffered since the aftermath of the attack were a contributing factor to his A-level examination failures.

The once respected TV presenter was also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice after throwing the wooden pole used to attack his victim into a nearby garden centre.

Blake, who was jailed for 2 years and will serve at least half of this period, had a string of previous convictions, including theft and driving offences it was revealed at his trial.

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