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Victim receives £1.3m for road traffic injury claim

A young woman has received £1.3m in compensation, due to a car accident that left her with life threatening injuries.

Sophie Wilkinson now aged 20 from Bishop’s Waltham, was involved in a serious car accident in October 2007. Sophie was a passenger in her friend’s car when the vehicle she was in was hit by an 18-tonne truck.

She suffered very serious injuries as a result of the accident including major head injuries, a serious fracture to her skull, major abdominal injuries and a ruptured pancreas which developed into pancreatitis and although she didn’t break any bones the doctors who dealt with her injuries said the injuries were the worst they had ever seen.

Sophie has since needed twenty four hour care after the accident and has been staying at a rehabilitation centre and the family are hoping that Sophie will be home in time to spend Christmas with them.

It has been said that the £1.35m road traffic injury compensation has been awarded as an interim payment and that this payout is only a small part of what she may be entitled to.

The compensation will be used to purchase and change a house to suit the requirements for Sophie’s needs and also go towards specialist equipment, the funding of two carers and a van to help to transport her around.

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