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Warehouse Worker Hit by Fork Lift carrying Aluminium Cans

A warehouse worker was injured when he was struck by a fork lift truck carrying aluminium cans.

The 43 year old man – who has not been named – was at work for recycling firm Novelis UK Ltd in November 2010. He was walking through a warehouse at the company’s premises in Latchford, Warrington, when the accident happened.

The man was struck by a fork lift truck vehicle that was carrying a bale of crushed aluminium cans. He suffered injury, damaging his feet and his ankles in the incident.

It was later revealed that the Health and Safety Executive had given the company advice just four months prior to the accident. This advice was in regards to improving the segregation of vehicles and pedestrians at the site in order to improve safety, but was not acted upon by the firm.

Segregation in workplaces can consist of pedestrian walkways and separate areas for fork lift trucks.

Novelis UK Ltd were fined £6,000 at court yesterday after admitting to breaking workplace regulations in regards to the fork lift truck accident.

A HSE inspector stated that the company has since made significant improvements to safety within the warehouse.

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