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Wedding Reception ends in Salmonella Tragedy and Food Poisoning Compensation Battle

A serious outbreak of salmonella at a wedding reception has caused the tragic death of one woman and put three others in hospital. Now a total of 14 guests are seeking compensation for food poisoning.

The outbreak occurred at a large Jewish wedding banquet in Bury, Greater Manchester. Although the reception was at a hotel, an outside caterer – Shefa Mehadrin – was used because of the need for kosher food. The guests tucked into canapés, salmon, chicken soup, potatoes and vegetables, as well as dessert of chocolate pudding and ice cream. Many guests were later taken ill with food poisoning.

An eighty two year old woman was rushed to hospital with salmonella poisoning, and despite the best efforts of medical staff she sadly passed away. Three other guests – an elderly couple and a middle aged woman – also needed hospital treatment. Overall there were nine cases of salmonella confirmed with lab tests, although more guests claim to have suffered from illness. Symptoms of salmonella include severe vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

Fourteen guests are now taking legal action against Shefa Mehadrin, seeking compensation. The catering company has issued a statement offering its sympathies to the family of the elderly woman and has confirmed it will co-operate with all inquiries into the outbreak. This inquiry is being performed by environmental health officers and the Health Protection Agency, who admitted that fatal cases of salmonella poisoning are rare.

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