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Welder Blinded in Accident Wins Work Injury Compensation

A welder who was blinded in a rare accident has won his battle to receive work injury compensation.

Mark Downs was walking across the factory floor when he was hit on the head by a metal sheet weighing over five ton. The sheet was being manoeuvred in a lift when it accidentally swung out and knocked him against a skip. Mark was using a designated walkway across the factory when the incident happened, but despite this his employers refused to accept liability for the incident.

Mark lost his sight in the accident and his sense of smell and taste too. He was also paralysed down his left side. Immediately after the accident, medical professionals gave him just four days to live but he defied them and underwent numerous operations as part of his rehabilitation process. He is now on the guide dog for the blind waiting list.

Mr Down’s Took his former employers – Hadee Engineering – to Sheffield High Court and was successful in proving their liability. The judge in the case criticised the company for numerous health and safety breaches. These included failure in supervision, performing risk assessments and holding written method statements. They were also criticised for operating without a banksman, and failing to train a crane driver properly.

The amount Mr Downs is set to receive in work injury compensation is still to be decided. The figure is likely to be high, to provide for his ongoing care.

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