Welding Accident Compensation Claims

Welding Accident Compensation Claims

In the UK there are over 1,000 accidents to welders reported every year. Nearly 300 of these result in serious injuries – such as amputations or fractures of the bone – being suffered. Welding is a dangerous procedure but can be made safe by following the correct work practices. If these have not been followed and you have been injured due to an accident involving welding, then Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors can help you.

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Due to the nature of welding and the intense heat used in the process, accidents can result in severe injuries. Injuries to the arms and hands are common due to their proximity to the area being welded. Injuries to the eyes and skin are also common. A condition known as arc eye is caused by exposure to the ultra violet radiation produced by the welding process. It causes eye pain and excess tears. Burns to the skin can also be caused by the UV and infra-red radiation given off. These conditions are easily preventable with adequate personal protective equipment.

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of their employees, and if this is not fulfilled then it may be possible to make a welding accident compensation claim. Certain measures should be taken to prevent the clear dangers posed by welding. Some of these are shown below.

Adequate ventilation

The inhalation of welding fumes is dangerous and causes serious health problems. Adequate steps should be taken to avoid exposure. Read more about welding illness here.

Sufficient training

Employees should be trained to perform welding work. This should include being informed of the danger of fumes and being given the ability to use the work equipment correctly and safely.

Personal protective equipment

PPE should be provided where necessary including welding masks, respiratory equipment and protective clothing.

Suitable work area

The welding work area should be kept clean and tidy to avoid accidents, and should not contain any flammable materials.

If you have suffered an accident while welding then there is a good chance that it is because your employer was negligent in protecting your safety. We offer free advice even if you are unsure if you have a case.

Being involved in a welding accident can have a serious effect on someone’s life. As well as the pain and suffering endured, the injuries can have an effect on someone’s ability to earn a living and provide for their family. A welding accident compensation claim can be crucial in circumstances like this.

Making a welding accident compensation claim

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