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West Suffolk Hospital’s £4.5m Medical Negligence Bill

West Suffolk Hospital is reported to have paid out £4.5million in compensation after incidents of medical negligence occurred.

An investigation by the East Anglian Daily Times reveals figures given to them by the NHS Litigation Authority. They report that during the financial year that runs between 2011 and 2012, £4,663,034 was paid out in compensation to patients and relatives of people treated at West Suffolk Hospital.

This figure of over £4.5m is in stark contrast to previous yearly payouts. During 2010 to 2011, £1,254,986 was paid out, whilst just £697,433 was paid out in 2009 and 2010. Compensation is paid out by the NHS Litigation Authority not the hospital itself.

The claims are settled after negligence is proved to have occurred and caused injury to the person involved. Such instances are reported to have happened in the casualty and gynaecology departments of the hospital, amongst others.

A spokesperson for the hospital told the paper that the wellbeing of patients was of paramount importance. It was also pointed out that due to the time cases take to settle, many of the claims could date back several years and not represent the current situation of the Trust.

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