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Whiplash Injury after Schoolgirl Hit by Bus

A schoolgirl is reported to have suffered a whiplash style injury after she was hit by a bus.

An incident is being investigated by the police and by education officers after a schoolgirl was allegedly hit by a bus. The Daily Post reports that 13 year old Amber Dunkley was waiting for the bus in Cemaes, Wales, when the incident happened on the 20th of September.

She was reportedly stood on the pavement talking to friends, when the bus struck her on the shoulder from behind. The incident allegedly caused her shoulder and back injuries, as well as a whiplash injury.

The injuries meant that she had to take three days off school and take painkillers to help with the pain.

Amber tells the paper that the driver did not even ask her how she was when she boarded the bus after the accident. It is also claimed that the driver told one of her friends that she was stood too close to the road. Her dad asserts that she was stood at least one foot away from the road when she was struck.

The police, education authority and bus company are all said to be investigating the incident after Amber’s parents made a complaint.

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