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Widow and Skateboarder Both Try to Claim Compensation from Each Other in Legal Wrangle

A widow and a skateboarder are both trying to claim compensation from each other in an almighty legal battle which is just starting.

The incident in question goes back to a crash which happened in April 2007. Tim Honey was travelling on his motorcycle when he swerved to avoid skateboarder Lewis Hart. His swerve took him into the path of an oncoming car and they crashed head-on. Unfortunately Mr Honey died from his injuries in the accident which included a fractured skull and chest trauma.

The skateboarder in question – teenager Lewis Hart – was travelling on his board to school on the pavement with his friend. His friend fell off of his skateboard and it went into the road. Lewis went to retrieve it and was hit by the motorbike as it swerved. He suffered a broken collar bone in the incident.

Now Mr Honey’s widow Susan has launches a compensation claim against Lewis for £300,000 in damages. She claims he is responsible for running into the road without seeing the motorbike approaching. Lewis however has launched a counter claim against Susan Honey for £25,000 in compensation. He alleges that the motorcyclist was speeding – 60 mph in a 40 mph zone – and failed to pay full attention to the road. He also alleges that Mr Honey’s visor let in only 22% light transmission, which if true makes his helmet illegal on UK roads.

The legal battle looks set to be decided at the High Court in London some time in the future.

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