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Widow Continues to Fight Her Late Husbands Asbestos Compensation Claim

Basingstoke widow, Irene Jones, is continuing to fight her late husbands’ asbestos compensation claim after he sadly passed away. Her husband died from mesothelioma – an asbestos related cancer – in July 2007. Mr Jones launched the compensation claim weeks before his death but his widow has vowed to continue the fight for him. After seeing the painful condition take a hold of him, she is seeking compensation from the companies she blames for his early death.

Terry Jones was a scaffolder and believed that he came in to contact with asbestos during work at two companies during the sixties and seventies. These companies were Big Ben Scaffolding and United Builders Merchants Ltd., both based in London. Ms Jones is appealing to anyone who may have worked with Terry, or at one of these companies, to come forward and help her case by helping to prove which materials they were coming into contact with. Although Irene can not be sure whether her husband directly touched the asbestos himself, what she believes is clear is that he was surrounded by people handling it every day and that the dust would undoubtedly fill the air.

Mesothelioma is an incurable cancer thought only to be caused by asbestos that usually attacks the lining of the lungs. Unfortunately it is common for mesolthelioma compensation cases to be settled after the claimant has died.

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