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Widow Receives Late Husbands Compensation with the Help of an Asbestos Claims Solicitor

Widower June Bickle has finally received the compensation her late husband Allan begun the fight for. Allan unfortunately lost his battle with lung cancer in January after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare but aggressive form of the disease caused exclusively by exposure to asbestos. Before his death, Mr Bickle had begun a legal campaign with the help of an asbestos claims solicitor against his former employer Filtrona who he believed responsible for his condition. The Filtrona factory where he worked for 25 years manufactured cigarette filters, and the 57 year old believed he was exposed to asbestos in this workplace. June continued the case after his deasth, fighting for justice on his part.

Filtrona continuously denied liability for Mr Bickles fatal illness until just minutes before the High Court hearing during which it dramatically dropped its defence. The Judge therefore automatically ruled in favour of Ms Bickle awarding an interim compensation payout of £50,000 until a remedy hearing can be heard. Despite her “devastation” at the loss of her soulmate she admitted she was “desperate for justice for Allan,” declaring she was “so pleased that Filtrona finally abandoned their defence.” Despite the compensation payout June admitted that money meant nothing and that no amount could compensate for being robbed of the chance to enjoy retirement with the man she adored.

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