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Widow Wins Medical Negligence Claim for Husband’s Death

The widow of a man who passed away during what should have been a routine procedure has won her medical negligence claim. Peter Wells died in 2005 after being treated at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. He was described as an “extraordinary man” who had suffered from lifelong health problems but had fought hard against them. He had been born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition which leads to brittle bones and recurrent fractures. Despite the condition and being in a wheelchair for all of his life, he had before his death gone on to operate a successful solicitors firm.

He had entered the Princess Alexandra Hospital with respiratory problems caused by a persistent dry cough. His legal team successfully argued that his life could have been easily saved if a tube had been inserted to help his breathing. The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has apologised to his family for the treatment Mr Wells received. It also admitted that “lessons had been learnt” from the incident. Mrs Wells is believed to have been awarded a six figure sum in compensation for her medical negligence claim, although the exact figure has not been released.

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