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Widow’s Claim for Compensation Success for Husband’s Legionnaire’s Disease

A widow’s claim for compensation for her husband’s death has been successful to the tune of £70,000 after he contracted Legionnaire’s disease on a holiday cruise ship. Audrey and Robert Heath travelled on the cruise around northern Europe, visiting destinations such as Lapland and St. Petersburg. The cruise however was ended prematurely when an outbreak of the potentially lethal Legionnaires disease occurred on the ship. After returning home, Mr Heath began to feel unwell and was prescribed antibiotics by his GP. However his health deteriorated rapidly and despite further medical consultation, GP’s failed to diagnose and treat the condition adequately. Mr Heath sadly passed away in August 2007, just days after returning to Britain.

Mrs Heath has won her £70,000 claim for compensation for the tragedy that struck her partner. Although the money itself will do little to compensate her for the loss of her husband, it will help with her day to day living. She has been living with health problems herself which make everyday tasks difficult. Before his death, her husband helped her greatly with this and the compensation will hopefully make it easier for her to live her everyday life.

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