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Wife Sues Husband for Passenger Accident Compensation after Crash

A woman who suffered severe injuries in a car accident has sued her husband, who was driving the vehicle for passenger accident compensation.

Carol Coleman was in the passenger seat of the Renault Laguna as it was driven through Walton in West Lavington by her husband. The car span out of control and flipped onto its roof.

Carol suffered serious injuries in the crash including a broken back. This caused significant spinal column damage and harm to the muscle surrounding it. This has left her with weakness in all four limbs.

Mrs Coleman sought compensation for her injuries from the insurance company of the car owned by her husband, William. They did not dispute liability for the accident but did dispute the amount of compensation that Carol deserved. Therefore the amount of the settlement was set to be decided by a Judge at the High Court this week.

However, a settlement was agreed at the last minute between the two parties just before the case appeared in court. Although the figure was kept confidential, it is thought to be in the region of £500,000. There is also an option for further compensation if Mrs Coleman’s condition deteriorates significantly in the future. The Judge was informed of the settlement and approved it.

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