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Wigan Council Pays Out £4Million in Compensation

Wigan Council is reported to have paid out compensation of £4,000,000 in the last three years.

Wigan Today reports that during the last three years, the council has paid out the sum of money to people injured in work accidents and pavement slips, as well as other accidents.

In the last yearly reporting period between 2011 and 2012, notable cases included the following. A slip on a wet floor resulted in a compensation payout close to £200,000. Another injury causing fall resulted in a compensation settlement of almost £70,000.

Other yearly periods saw similar payments being made. In 2010/11, the council spent £200,000 compensating those that were injured in falls. They also paid out £120,000 in one case that involved someone being injured by a falling object.

In the last of the yearly reporting periods (2009/10) the authority spent less on fall claims, with approximately £100,000 paid out in compensation for such accidents.

A spokesperson for the council told the paper that they could not reveal specific details about the injuries suffered as it could lead to the identification of the individuals involved.

All figures were obtained by the paper after making a Freedom of Information Request against Wigan Council.

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