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Woman Awarded £111,000 Compensation after Slipping on a Grape

A woman who slipped on ‘mushy grapes’, outside a grocers shop in Middlesex, has been awarded over £111,000 in compensation.

Fifty seven year old Samira Hassan was a regular customer at the Stall in Greenford but on this occasion as she walked around the display tables at the front of the shop, she slipped and fell face first towards the pavement.

Mrs. Hassan put out both of her arms in an attempt to break her fall but ended up fracturing both of her wrists.

She later launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the shops owner Onkar Singh Gil, claiming that her fall was due to loose grapes left lying on the pavement, which had been trodden in and become ‘mushy’, her claim was successful and she was awarded £111,859 in damages, following a county court hearing.

Mr. Gill appealed against the courts decision arguing that his staff had taken all reasonable steps to deal with any spillages by sweeping the area at the front of the shop, as often as five times a day.

London’s Appeal Court however rejected the grocers appeal and the original county court judgement was allowed to stand.

When asked to comment on the Appeal Courts ruling Mr. Gill told the Daily Mail newspaper that ‘he wouldn’t waste his breath’.

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