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Woman Awarded £37,000 Compensation after Holiday Accident

A mother, who suffered a serious head injury while on a family holiday in Spain, has been awarded £37,000 in compensation.

Forty nine year old Sylvia McNicholl was enjoying the first night of her family holiday in Tenerife, when she slipped in a puddle of water that had allegedly leaked from a faulty air conditioning unit.

The slip caused her to fall backwards and as she did so her head came into contact with a cupboard door, rendering her unconscious and in need of stitches to a nasty head wound.

Mrs McNicholl told the Daily Record newspaper that the accident has had a lasting affect on her health and her sense of smell and taste have been impaired because of her head injury.

The family launched a claim for holiday compensation against tour operator Thomas Cook, for the cost of the ruined holiday and for the pain and suffering caused to Mrs McNicholl.

Her legal team reportedly secured evidence that the Fanabe Costa Sur hotel in Tenerife, where the family stayed, did not have proper maintenance records regarding the air conditioning system, which is required by law in Spain.

A settlement of £37,000 was agreed with the tour operator, which will cover the cost of Mrs McNicholl’s future care, as well as contributing to her loss of earnings, as she has not, as yet been able to return to work.

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