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Woman Awarded £7,500 Compensation after Bank Slip

A guest house owner has been awarded £7,500 in personal injury compensation, after she slipped while visiting her local branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Sixty five year old Patricia O’Donnell had called at the Home Street branch of the RBS but as she approached the counter she slipped on a wet area of flooring and fell heavily to the ground.

Ms O’Donnell injured her ankle in the fall and was unable to return to her duties at the guest house for a period of three weeks, during this time she had to pay for temporary staff to help her run the B&B.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the bank had been suffering with a water leak which had been emanating from the flat above, for a staggering seven months, during which time they had simply put a bucket under the drip and had only attempted to make the area safe five days before the accident.

Ms O’Donnell was awarded £7,500 in damages after the bank was called ‘overly complacent’ in court and that it had adopted a ‘cavalier approach’ in relation to the leak.

The RBS had tried to claim that Ms O’Donnell was partly to blame for her injuries but this was subsequently dismissed by the court.

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