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Woman Bites Off Boss’s Penis in Bizarre Car Accident – Did He Claim for Compensation?

An interesting report comes to us from the other side of the world, China to be exact. It is a story that will make most of us – especially the male half of the population – wince at the thought.

The China Press and Sin Chew Daily report that a 30 year old woman accidentally bit off her lover’s penis in a bizarre car accident. The Asian secretary was performing oral sex on her boss in Singapore when their car was driven into by a reversing van. The force of the collision caused the woman to bite down, unfortunately taking off the man’s penis. The man was immediately rushed to hospital along with his lover and his penis. It is unclear yet if the unlucky man has made a claim for compensation off of the van driver.

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse for this poor man you are definitely wrong. The accident was viewed by a private detective hired by his wife who was already suspicious he was having an affair. The private detective describes seeing the car ‘shaking’ before the van hit it. He reports this was followed by a loud scream and the woman’s head rising, her mouth covered in blood.

Not too sure how the man is going to explain that little incident to his wife. Some would say the accident has left him a little short of excuses, while he may argue it’s simply left him a little short.

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