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Woman Burnt by Flaming Cocktail Wins Compensation

A woman, who suffered serious injuries when a flaming cocktail exploded in her face, is reported to have received compensation.

Charlotte Swaby was out celebrating her 19th birthday with friends in Barnsley when the incident happened. Her friends ordered her a £15 “Flaming Lamborghini” cocktail which had become a tradition for the group on such occasions.

The drink is sambuca based and is set on fire before drinking. The beverage is then poured down a tower of glasses for a finale.

However, The Sun reports that on this occasion the lit fumes of the cocktail engulfed Charlotte’s face. Her face and hair were covered in flames that took 10 seconds to put out.

Charlotte suffered second degree burns in the incident and believes that the only reason her sight was not damaged, was because she had her eyes closed in a grimace.

Now, the paper reports that she has received compensation for her injuries after a legal battle. She states she was given the wrong size straw, meaning she was closer to the flames than she should have been. She also states that the waiter seemed nervous and untrained.

The venue that served the cocktail has since shut down.

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