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Woman Burnt by Hair Dye Seeking Burn Injury Compensation from Salon in Question

A woman whose scalp was severely burned by chemicals used to dye her hair is seeking burn injury compensation from the salon she visited.

Stephanie Davies-Crowley visited La Belle Hair Studio in Hitchin in the days leading up to her wedding. She had her hair chemically straightened and then dyed at the Hertfordshire salon. The mixture of chemicals used in the dyeing process severely burned her scalp and she had to be taken to Hospital suffering from toxic shock. She went temporarily blind and was given morphine to ease the terrible pain.

She now claims that the salon is responsible for her injuries and was negligent in its treatment of her. She alleges that it was an inexperienced worker who used the chemicals on her and they failed to perform a test patch first. This involves testing a small area of hair to see if there is any adverse reaction before applying fully. She also claims that the dye chemicals were put onto her scalp too soon after chemicals to straighten her hair had been used.

The salon has denied Stephanie’s claims and the case is now in the hands of solicitors.

Well over 300 cases a year of injuries caused in hair salons are dealt with by solicitors in the country. This case has backed up claims by campaigners to get the as yet unregulated industry, regulated fully.

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