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Woman Bursts Breast Implant in Paintballing Accident

Women with silicon gel breast implants are being warned of the dangers of playing paintball, after a twenty six year old ruptured an implant during a game at a paintball centre in South London.

The twenty six year old female, who has not been named, believed her injury was just painful bruising, until she went to see her doctor a few days later, who confirmed that her breast implant had been ruptured.

The Paintzone Paintball Park near Croydon, where the accident took place, are now offering surgically enhanced females extra padding, to protect their assets against the paintball pellets that can travel at speeds in excess of 190 mph.

A spokesperson for the Paintball Park confirmed that the centre was taking every possible precaution to protect women from suffering a similar personal injury, although it is believed that this is the first such case reported in the United Kingdom.

A former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons told the Sun newspaper that the paintballing incident was one of the strangest he had ever come across and that the woman had been extremely unlucky.

The accident could prove to be very costly for the young woman however, with the estimated cost of replacing the implant being in the region of £3,000.

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