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Woman Claims £20,000 Compensation after Horse Riding Accident

A woman, who suffered serious personal injury after being thrown from her horse during a riding lesson, is claiming £20,000 in horse accident compensation.

Thirty five year old Sarah Douglas was enjoying a riding lesson at the Edenside Riding School, when she noticed the helmet she was wearing did not fit properly, after informing her instructor of the problem a replacement was called for.

However as the new riding helmet was handed to her, Mrs. Douglas let go of her horse’s reins in order to change helmets and it was at this point that the horse called Annie, bolted throwing Mrs. Douglas from her saddle.

The horse riding student was rushed to the Ninewells Hospital, in Dundee and following an x-ray it was discovered that she had fractured her ribs and vertebrae.

After taking legal advice Mrs. Douglas has now launched a claim for compensation against the riding school, claiming that the school had been negligent by failing to ensure her riding helmet was fitted properly.

Lawyers for the Edenside Riding School argued that Mrs. Douglas had been told not to adjust her helmet while seated on the horse and if she had acted in accordance with these instructions, the accident would have been prevented.

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