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Woman Claims Compensation after Suffering Back Injury at Sweet Factory

A factory worker from Yorkshire has made a claim for £100,000 in compensation after injuring her back in a work accident.

Fifty two year old Teresa Bialochleb, from York, was working for Trebor Bassett Ltd at their former factory in the city and was employed on a production line, filling boxes with sweets which then had to be manually stacked on a pallet.

After performing this task for over four hours Mrs. Bialochleb strained her back and was forced to seek medical assistance. She has not been able to work since and finds even household tasks almost impossible.

The York Press newspaper is reporting that Mrs. Bialochleb launched an accident at work compensation claim against the company, alleging that the boxes she was expected to lift were too heavy for a female and the resulting strain on her back has caused serious damage.

However, Mrs. Bialochleb has now been forced to take her case to the Court of Appeal in London after her initial claim was rejected by York County Court.

Her legal team are arguing that the County Court judgement was based around the fact that boxes at the factory were filled at a rate of 9.63 kilos per minute and it was wrongly assumed that this was the weight of the boxes being stacked.

In reality they claim that the boxes weighed closer to 15kg which is well above the safe legal limit of 10kg.

A date has yet to be set for the appeal hearing.

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