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Woman Considers Legal Action after Paving Fall Outside Shopping Centre

A woman is reported to be considering legal action after she fell on paving outside a shopping centre.

Ann Madden was shopping in Witney, Oxfordshire when the incident happened in October. She was walking past the butchers outside the Woolgate Shopping Centre at the time.

Mrs Madden tells the Oxford Times that as she stood on one of the paving stones, it came out of the ground and into the air. This uneven stone caused her to fall and suffer injury.

She broke her left arm and hand in the fall, as well as breaking a finger in her right hand. On top of this, she bruised her nose and her jaw. The injuries left her in hospital for 12 days and with pins in her arm to help it heal.

Mrs Madden states that she wrote to the council to complain but received a reply that the pavements there are inspected every month. However, she disputes this as the damaged stone is still there. The paper states that she is now considering legal action for compensation.

It is also reported that disabled residents have complained about paving in the town and its difficulty to traverse.

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