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Woman Deemed ‘Too Sexy’ to Work Wins Her Workplace Compensation Claim

A prison officer from Wolverhampton has won her workplace compensation claim for unfair dismissal. Amit Kajila and her legal team settled out of court yesterday their compensation package with HMPS. Ms Kajila began working at Brinsford HMP Young Offenders Institution in July 2007, but was forced to resign nearly a year later due to continuous bullying. She claims she was never accepted into the macho world of the Prison Service due to being a slight, young and attractive female. She was allegedly ridiculed by staff for having to adapt her uniform to fit her slender frame. She was also allegedly criticised for wearing to much make up and told she could cause a security risk amongst the young offenders because she was too attractive.

She won her case against Her Majesty’s Prison Service in an employment tribunal back in September 2009 but was due to attend a settlement hearing yesterday. However, her legal team settled the case out of court at the last minute, eliminating the need for the hearing. The tribunal ruled that Ms Kajila had indeed been the victim of discrimination and unfair dismissal. The amount of compensation agreed has not been disclosed. In a statement after the tribunal Ms Kajila condemned the “macho approach” of the prison service and the discriminatory view that she was “ a weak woman who could be bullied.”

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