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Woman Hit by 30 foot Falling Wooden Nightclub Sign

A woman was hit by a 30 foot long sign as she walked down a street in Plymouth while shopping.

The woman was travelling along Union Street at 11 o’clock Saturday morning. The 30 foot sign belonging to the Reflex nightclub became dislodged due to the blustery conditions and fell to the pavement, hitting the unsuspecting pedestrian on the head. Fellow shoppers rushed to her aid as she lay trapped beneath the wooden sign. She suffered a deep cut to her head just inches from her eye which required hospital treatment.

RAF medic Dean Thomas was in a neighbouring café and rushed to her aid after witnessing the incident, and treated the cut to her eye as they waited for paramedics and the Police. The Police ordered in the fire service to make sure the site was secure.

In similar cases previously, victims have been able to make public liability claims for compensation after being hit by falling signs, as it is the responsibility of the buildings owner and the sign fitters to ensure they are fixed securely.

Bizarrely a second woman made her self known to paramedics suffering from back pains and claiming to have been hit by the sign. However, it was soon discovered that she had in fact been inside a neighbouring building at the time of the incident.

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