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Woman hit by car outside her home awarded £3.75m Compensation

A woman from Greater Manchester has been awarded £3.75 million in compensation, after being left brain damaged following a collision with a car.

Fifty year old Fatemeh Panahzadeh was crossing Ladybridge Road, close to her home in Cheadle Hulme, when she was struck by the vehicle.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Fatemeh was hospitalised for over a year after suffering a serious brain injury and had to undergo surgery, in which part of her skull was removed so that surgeons could release a blood clot on her brain.

The accident had life changing consequences for Fatemeh, who now relies on a wheelchair for mobility as she is not able to walk, her speech has also been affected and her brain is now unable to process and understand information as it once did.

Her husband sixty two year old Faramarz Vossough, who had to give up his job to be a full time carer for his wife, launched a claim for road traffic accident compensation on his wife’s behalf against the car drivers insurers.

Following a long drawn out legal battle the family has now been awarded £3.7 million in compensation, which will help to pay for the round the clock care Fatemeh will require for the rest of her life.

The driver of the car involved was cleared of a charge of driving without due care and attention, following a court case in January 2011.

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