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Woman Hit by Stray Throwing Hammer at Highland Games Considers Legal Action

A woman, who was hit by a stray throwing hammer at a Highland Games, is reported to be considering legal action.

Marion MacKenzie was attending the Highland games in Portree when the incident occurred in August. She was assisting in the judging of dancing in a tent at the games.

At the same time, a hammer throwing contest was taking place outside. However, a hammer throw from New Zealander Peter Mayne went wrong, and escaped the safety nets that were designed to stop it.

The 8lb hammer flew threw the air, through the entrance of the tent, and struck Mrs MacKenzie on the side of her body. It caused her severe bruising and she was taken to hospital, under the suspicion that it may have damaged her spleen.

Now, the Scotsman reports that Mrs MacKenzie is considering legal action against those responsible for the games. Public events have insurance in place to cover compensation payable after accidents.

Mrs MacKenzie is also campaigning for extra safety measures to be put in place, or the games to be moved from their current location, which she believes is too small for some events.

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